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An Introduction

Without The Handshake

Oh, hey there! My name is Katie Laines (I'm sure you've figured that out by now) and I'm delighted you want to learn a

little bit more about me, the #bossbabe behind Kldc.

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I grew up in an eastern suburb of California's Bay Area and currently live in San Francisco proper with my husband, Anton, who I'm madly in love with. We are parents to a little fur kitty named Rufio (Ru for short ...and yes, his name comes from the childhood-classic Hook). Unbeknownst to me, Anton has proven to be an even crazier cat lady than I had ever thought myself to be (see, we too can find love)! I have a younger sister who I absolutely adore and often look to for advice, as she is frustratingly wise beyond her years. She reminds me that a healthy work/life balance is crucial to be happy in both, and I whole-heartedly agree. On my days off you can find me brunching (it's my favorite food group), binge Netflixing (who doesn't?), dabbling in a crafty pet-project (these vary drastically), creating my newest costume idea for a themed party, and exploring the world (love. to. travel.)! Bucket list activities and hobbies I have yet to master: archery, photography, learning the drums, horseback riding (did when I was little; want to get back into it), acting and dance classes. My 2019 theme word is transformation and I can’t wait to see what kinds of changes will happen for me this year - fitness, career goals, lifestyle and more!

I'm well-known for my apprehension to life changes that aren't my own idea, but am actively challenging myself to improve that trait. I believe that without change, we cannot learn, and to that knowledge I am grateful. I've been blessed with many opportunities that have allowed me to explore different outlets and gather eclectic interests. It has been with these experiences that I've acquired an innate sense to organizationally plan and a knack for the intimate detail. These two common threads have consistently driven me to success towards anything utilizing imagination. With a BA in creative writing and minor in theater arts (University of Arizona #beardown), ingenuity is where I feel most comfortable. It was during the coordination of my own wedding where I found my true calling as an event designer. While I do plan to be a published author one day, my addiction to throwing a damn good party just couldn't go un-tapped. I've fallen in love with this journey and am so honored to share it with you.



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Want to see if we’re a good match?

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Katie! Without her, there is no way our wedding would have turned out as perfect as it did! We leaned on her so much, she even did all of the floral designs for our bouquets, aisle hangers and banquet tables that day as well. I got succulents, wax flowers, etc and she made amazing arrangements that fit my vision completely!
— Paige J.
Katie was a lifesaver in more than one instance. I honestly don’t think our day would’ve turned out the way it did if it weren’t for her guidance. She was fun to work with and she knows what she’s doing. Katie also finds new creative ways to make things happen. She allows the bride and groom to be as involved as they want. Before working with Katie I thought I had it all figured out with my to do list but boy was I wrong! Once we started talking, I realized there was so much more that we could not possibly handle on our own. Little specific things like making sure the bridal party eats while getting ready was on the itinerary she came up with and it just made things smoother. She is great at her job!
— Priscilla S.
Katie is an incredibly capable and talented individual who continuously impressed me with her skills and willingness to tackle the short deadlines and demanding portions of our event with a positive attitude. Her ability to truly multitask and never miss a detail made her an invaluable and integral part of the success of our event. She is upbeat and very pro-active. I truly appreciated Katie and I am very grateful to have hired her.
— Vera G.

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