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A list of our most frequently asked questions while your vetting your vendors and deciding to hire Katie Laines design + coordination.

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> What's the difference between you and a venue coordinator? Do we need to hire you if our venue has someone?

The services I offer require extensive knowledge of the couple (you party people) on a personal level. I work very hard to build creative relationships and to understand my couple's vision, wants, and needs during the entire planning process. This intimate connection allows me to troubleshoot on-site design and schedule decisions with my client's best interest at heart, supplementing the services offered by your Venue Coordinator or Catering/Banquet Manager. A venue coordinator is great at working with you solely to hash out logistics and schedules directly related to the venue staff. Keeping your personal day-of timeline on-track, caring for the set-up and breakdown of all your personal decor or being the intermediary between all your other hired vendors, to name a few, are not a part of their duties. So yes (in my biased opinion), I'd recommend hiring a professional wedding planner to help guide you in all the right directions to create your most authentic and ideal day.

> How far in advance do you book out? We're not sure when to hire you.

Wherever you are in your planning journey, it's never too early to start thinking about getting organized. I begin booking my full planning + beyond couples anywhere from the 10-18 month mark, my partial planning couples around 7-11 months away, and coordination only about 5-7 months out. If you're worried I'm booked already for your date, you can check in about my availability here.

> You're going to do all the set-up and clean-up of my event, right? That's part of the gig, isn't it?

Well, not necessarily. The simple answer is that I am a PLANNER, meaning I plan, execute, and manage #allthethings. I do not sweep, bus tables, mop floors, load and move furniture, install overly large structural elements or haul trash bags of #allthethings. If I did, I’d call myself a janitor, caterer or mover. When hiring KLdc for any service, you are investing in the timely management and oversight of such set-ups and breakdowns. My team and I will most certainly set-up your smaller decor items, escort cards or reception table trinkets for example, as well as tidy up at event's end, but we do not bring truckloads of furniture or very large decor pieces to/from your event and install or break them down for you (including provided on-site furniture). That is what a rental company is for. If for some reason your hired caterer or venue does not include this service, I’d be happy to help outsource additional staffing assistance to meet your set-up, breakdown, and cleaning needs.

> Would you plan a lgbtq+ wedding?

HELL TO THE YES. I believe in #ELE (Everybody Love Everybody!), and marriage equality. Love is luuurrrvvvve, People.

> What is your planning approach?

I get to know you, and not just the you that you allow the Instagram world to see, but the real you. I take time to understand how you came to the decision to get married, what you want out of life and where your true passions and hobbies lie; after all, this wedding is about you. In order to bring your dream day to fruition, I learn what is most important to you and help manage your budgetary expectations to make it happen. I only suggest ideas that will keep our planning timeline on track and will never force you to work with a specific vendor. Think of me as your new back-pocket best-friend; someone to bounce ideas off of without the fear of thinking you sound "cray." I became a wedding creative because I love seeing couple's faces light up when the day has finally arrived and it gives me all the feels to have had a hand in making it as unique, fun and stress-free as possible.

> Do you travel to coordinate weddings?

Absolutely! I LOVE destination weddings + elopements. The beauty about owning a boutique business is that I can work virtually anywhere. I call the San Francisco Bay Area home, but am no stranger to destination experiences. In fact, my very own wedding was held at a private Villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Should you choose that route, I couldn't be more thrilled to participate in a truly unique design opportunity. If you're interested in exploring a destination wedding, please inquire here.

> We have a specific vision and have "voluntold" family/friends to help out with set-up and wedding day logistics to make sure it happens. Do we connect them up with you?

This is often a very delicate and tricky situation to maneuver. In short, if you can avoid having family and friends work your wedding, I strongly suggest it. While I can appreciate the desire to scale back on your budget, delegating crucial aspects of your wedding to the people you love most is like gambling with Pandora's Box of Emotions. Stressful and unnecessary. We diligently prepare design briefs and work in tandem with unbiased vendors who are solely there to make your vision come to life, sans the strings attached and worrying if Aunt Deb had one to many glasses of wine. I'd be more than happy to work with those you've delegated small tasks to like coordinating a drop-off of your decor or teaming up to bustle your dress, but would discourage anything venturing too far from that. Trust me, you'll want your people with you having all the fun and leaving the management side of things to us industry pros.

> We're from out of town and are coming to the Bay Area as a destination for our wedding. Can you help?

Totally! I'd be thrilled to coordinate with you remotely. I'm more than happy to meet with vendors on your behalf, attend venue walkthroughs and work with you via Facetime to get everything in order for your arrival. We can discuss your specific requirements on a call and I'd be delighted to create a custom proposal for you based on what your needs are.

> Do you plan events other than weddings?

I try to stick solely to the wedding wheelhouse but occasionally if I have the availability I may be able to do other events. If you're looking for assistance with an event please set up a meeting to discuss customization possibilities in depth.

> What do you wish people knew about wedding planners?

That “DAY-OF” coordination absolutely does not exist. Any planner has to work with the couple weeks in advance to leave time for contacting and coordinating all the vendors, attending a site-visit, creating a run-of-show, and just organizing #allthethings.

> What are the requirements to book with you?

I book on a first-come, first-served basis upon the receipt of two things; a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit (50% - applied towards the final amount). This ensures that your date is locked in and no other events will be scheduled during that time.

> What would be your super power if you had one?

I mean, flying of course. Second star to the right, straight on till morning, bruh.

> Okay, you sound #toolegittoquit. How can we get ahold of you to book KLdc?

Yaeyuuuh! Go ahead and fill in our inquiry form. This way it will efficiently kick you straight into our back-end client portal and we can set you up quickly with a consultation call. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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