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kldc couples

A description of who we work best with; our ideal customer, values and goals.

So, what does a kldc couple embody?

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Want to know if we’ll vibe? I betch-u we will. ‘cuz you know, I’m a pretty chill chick. But in case you’re stuck in #hesitationstation, go ahead and read below on the couple profiles i love working with.

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has hearts of gold. understanding, loving and caring towards all living things. positive attitude and genuine. appreciates the beauty in the smallest details. loves gorgeous floral arrangements and modern calligraphy. enjoys planning their wedding by talking through even the difficult things.

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easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. no judgements, no bull. encouraging and open to learning new things and different ways of approaching challenges. laid back. can sometimes get easily distracted by #allthesparkles. stays true to themselves and want their wedding day to be as unique as they are.

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a damn good time

the life of the party. can light up a room just by walking in, but has no problem sitting back and letting others shine, too. charismatic. loves good food and even better wine. wants their guests to have the time of their lives. always smiling and laughing (at themselves or with others).

If this sounds like you, then we're definitely a match! So, “#swiperight” and let's get this party started! I’m already stoked to meet you.

or If you're still unsure, send us an email and we would love to hear about your plans!



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we know planning a wedding can make you feel like your going #cray sometimes. we also know that it doesn't have to. as a matter of fact, the only #feels you should be getting when you hear the phrase "how's the planning going?" are excitement, imagination and love.  


as one of the top wedding planners in SAN FRANCISCo, our mission is to help couples ignite their wedding dreams into a manifested reality. our work means more to us than just a paycheck. it means we're fueling our creative and unique energy into something that lights up our souls, which ultimately helps us to live out our purpose and serve a wider impact on the world.

we are huge supporters of collaboration over competition and believe that building meaningful relationships are what make the difference between a good experience and a great one. we strive to be thoughtful, kind-hearted and understanding while we encourage and inspire our couples through their planning journeys, oftentimes leading to life-long friendships. 


so, we want you to know that however you stumbled upon us, we're so happy you're here and if you let us, we'd be honored to share our beautiful gift with you.

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Katie Laines is the most creative, professional and experienced event planners I’ve ever worked with. She is incredibly talented at making certain every detail is perfectly executed and the guests feel as if they’re very special.
— Kathleen k
An event planned by Katie Laines is an event you will remember for a lifetime. I’ve been to two weddings that she planned. Spectacular is an understatement.
— Jeanie R
Katie’s organization and timelines really kept us on track while we were going through our planning process. We were kind of all over the place before we met her and she helped us stay focused and reminded us to have fun. I think Katie’s value to us increased tenfold once we realized all the work she put in. You won’t regret hiring her.
— Alex F
The Knot Best Of Weddings Award Katie Laines Design and Coordination Bay Area Wedding Planners